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The Cypher Society is an underground cyber subculture and a think tank of gifted people which was founded as the Frontier Society on October 26, 1993, by founder C. A. Passinault, who had recently changed his underground DJ name from DJ Wiz Kid to DJ Frontier on February 25, 1993.
The Frontier Society, obviously, was named after DJ Frontier, and was established as an underground subculture. For many years, it kept a low profile, and didn’t even begin to hav actual members until 1998, when Passinault built his first web site, Colony Alpha.
Over the years, the organization continued to evolve.
As we gear up for major operations and supporting hundreds of members in 2017, almost 24 years since its founding and preparing for a full roll out in our 25th year, the Frontier Society was renamed the Cypher Society on June 25, 2017. At that time, we began building our official web site, clearing trademark searches and securing four domain names for the site, a fifth domain name, our operating and slogan domain name, already in our possession and ready to be used. We have two additional web sites which will be used for marketing and recruiting, which means that we use seven domain names, three of which are web sites, for the Cypher Society, not counting the three domain names that we have in reserve for backup branding, which makes ten. Of course, the Cypher Society is also affiliated with and supports Frontier Pop, as all of the writers and contributors for Frontier Pop will be Cypher Society members; professional, comprehensive support infrastructure for one of the most innovative, and top, pop culture and entertainment web sites in the world. For security purposes, all members of the Cypher Society who will contribute to Frontier Pop will do so under pseudonyms, unless they elect not to.
Recruitment for the Cypher Society will be aggressive, and we will use two affiliated web sites to support this ongoing effort. We are looking for smart, independent people who think for themselves and who have the backbone to stand for what they believe in, even if it means going against what everyone else does. For more information, please check out of members section here on the Cypher Society web site.

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The Cypher Society. Society has Evolved.

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